Balkan Update

April 06, 1994

In Croatia, U.N. peacekeepers said the Croatian army and Serbian rebels did not meet a 24-hour deadline for withdrawing heavy weapons from front lines as part of a cease-fire ending their 1991 war. But U.N. officers said the pullback was proceeding and expressed optimism the accord would be observed.

A tank in the Nordic battalion of the U.N. peacekeeping force destroyed a bunker manned by Serbian soldiers after coming under fire near GRADACAC, Bosnia.

Muslim and Croats fleeing northern Bosnia have reported widespread killings, rape and torture committed or condoned by Bosnian Serb soldiers, Amnesty International said. Expressing concern for the people in BANJA LUKA, PRIJEDOR and other towns, amnesty appealed to the Bosnian Serb authorities "to protect the remaining minorities in all the areas they control."

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