Mount Airy council adopts zoning changes

April 05, 1994|By Jackie Powder | Jackie Powder,Sun Staff Writer

The Mount Airy Town Council last night adopted new zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations that addressed site lighting, homeowners associations, road grades and topography studies for developments.

The regulations were developed by the town's planning and zoning commission and town planners over several months.

Under the new site lighting ordinance, lighting to illuminate pedestrian or parking areas may be required by the planning commission before site plans are approved. The lighting must be installed so it isn't obtrusive to nearby residences unless approval is obtained from adjacent property owners.

An amendment to the subdivision regulations requires that topographic studies of proposed developments must be made no more than six months before the date of the first site plan submission.

Also last night, the council rejected a developer's request to use land owned by the town of Mount Airy to meet forestation laws.

Town Planner Teresa Bamberger said a developer -- whom she did not name -- building a subdivision in Eldersburg had contacted her with the request. She said there was no land available on the Eldersburg site for the developer to plant trees to meet Carroll County's conservation law, so he was seeking another site to plant on.

The county law requires developers to reserve a certain portion of a development for forestation purposes when trees are cut down during the building process.

Improved water quality would be the major benefit from allowing a developer to use Mount Airy land for forestation, Ms. Bamberger said.

In addition, she said such an arrangement would reduce the workload of town maintenance employees.

Council President Delaine Hobbs said he was concerned that approval of the request would set a dangerous precedent. "My question is, if we start it, can we stop it?" he said.

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