Town bars dumping of grass clippings

April 05, 1994

Grass clippings no longer may be dumped on the lot at the corner of Belvue Street and Broadway, Union Bridge Mayor Perry Jones said.

Due to complaints by neighbors -- who threatened to call the health department if dumping continued -- the practice will be discontinued.

Residents must get rid of their own clippings, the mayor said.

Cable TV ordinance gets introduction

Union Bridge Town Attorney John T. Maguire III has introduced an ordinance in which the town would adopt the county's cable television rates and regulations.

The town voted in October to work on a committee with the county and other municipalities to help regulate cable rates.

This ordinance is a follow-up to that resolution, Mr. Maguire said.

The council may vote on the ordinance during its next meeting April 25.


* Taneytown: Firefighters from Taneytown responded to a utility pole fire in the first block of Trevanion Road at 9:50 p.m. Sunday. They were out for 20 minutes.

* New Windsor: Engines from New Windsor responded to a brush fire at Route 75 at Watson Lane at 9:13 p.m. Saturday. They were out for 35 minutes.

* Harney: Firefighters from Harney assisted Adams County, Pa., volunteers at a brush fire on Bashore Roth Road at 6:19 p.m. Friday. They were out for 19 minutes.

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