25 Years Ago* Some 250 Western Maryland College coeds...


April 03, 1994|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 Years Ago

* Some 250 Western Maryland College coeds turned out with blankets Tuesday night to hold a "sleep in" in the Baker Memorial Chapel in protest over the barring of sorority girls from the new women's dormitory. The girls abandoned their protest plans, students reported, after Dr. Lowell S. Ensor, president of the college, assured spokesmen for the protesters that he would review the dormitory policy. -- Democratic Advocate, March 24, 1969.

75 Years Ago

* "The story in the Pilot of March 7 about the coming of the locusts makes me homesick. Sixty-eight years ago, I walked with my father up the meadow and over the hillsides beyond the creek, enchanted by their song of 'Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Pharaoh!' We had a little white dog. We called him 'Heck.' That dog followed us around and would eat the locusts as fast as he could catch them. . . . We took one in the house in the evening. Next morning, a beautiful locust was born with 'w' on his wings. People presaged that this meant war, but Grandmother Wolfe insisted that the locusts were still singing the requiem of old Pharaoh. . . . We have been reminded in the Sunday schools during the past season of a good deal of the experiences of the children of Israel with Pharaoh, and how they sang at his funeral services at the Red Sea, and it is a marvel that Miriam's Timbrel should still be heard throughout the hills and woodlands every 17 years. Well, my old Maryland friends, as a last word to you, listen well when the song comes and ponder well its import; for I, and many of you, will never hear it again. Kindly yours, J. L. Switzer." -- Union Bridge Pilot, March 21, 1919.

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