From The Sun April 3-9, 1844April 3: We are in almost...


April 03, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun April 3-9, 1844

April 3: We are in almost daily receipt of complaints against the practice, by far too prevalent among the youths of our city, of lounging about the corners at the intersections of streets.

April 9: The German Correspondent -- The daily paper bearing this title, and printed in German, has recently been enlarged and improved. It is published by Mr. Raine, and is independent on all subjects.

From The Sun April 3-9, 1894

April 3: Cardinal Gibbons yesterday dedicated the beautiful nechapel of the Notre Dame Convent, Aisquith Street, near Eager Street. After the dedication the Cardinal celebrated mass.

April 5: Four small boys were playing in a box car at Mount Clare Tuesday. A Baltimore and Ohio Railroad locomotive was coupled to the train of which the car was a part and the boys were carried to Brunswick, Frederick County, Maryland.

From The Sun April 3-9, 1944

April 3: Private Charles C. Lee, of 1931 Clifton Avenue, has been awarded the Silver Star Medal for gallantry while serving with an infantry regiment of the Fifth Army at Cassino, the War Department reported yesterday.

April 5: Archduke Otto von Hapsburg, titular head of Europe's oldest royal family and heir to the now non-existent throne of Austria, Hungary, will be the guest of honor at a luncheon at the Johns Hopkins Club on April 22.

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