Wright's Fallingwater begins 30th tour seasonVisit...


April 03, 1994|By Kara Kenna

Wright's Fallingwater begins 30th tour season

Visit Fallingwater, the world-famous house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, as it opens for its 30th tour season. Located on a waterfall near Pittsburgh in southwestern Pennsylvania, the house was designed as a weekend retreat for the Edgar Kaufmann family. Completed with the guest and service wing in 1939, the house was constructed of native sandstone quarried on the property and laid up by local craftsmen. Adjoining Fallingwater is Bear Run Nature Reserve, a 4,200-acre expanse of wild mountain land that includes dense oak and hemlock forests.

The house is open for tours every day except Monday from 10 jTC a.m. to 4 p.m. There is a cafe and museum shop for visitors. Cost of admission is $6 per person on weekdays, $10 per person on weekends. Weekday discounts are offered for senior citizens and school groups. In-depth and children's tours are also available. Reservations should be made two weeks in advance. For more information, write Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, 316 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222; phone: (412) 329-8501.

African safaris designed for camera buffs

"Africa '94" provides camera buffs with the opportunity to capture an African safari on film. Nineteen different safaris have been designed for those photographers interested in nature, wildlife and indigenous cultures. Designed by David Anderson Safaris, discounted trips are available to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zaire, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Egypt. Participating photographers will be required to submit their best images for judging by faculty from the Brooks Institute of Photography.

For complete information, brochures, a video tape and application, contact David Anderson Safaris, 4635 Via Vistosa, Santa Barbara, Calif. 93110; phone: (805) 967-1712. There is a $10 postage and handling charge for the full package, or you may request a free flier describing the program.

Travel above the mountains and beneath the waves

Soar above the mountains and dive beneath the waves. It's all possible with a new Hawaiian package, the "Ultimate Adventure," offered by Atlantis Submarines and Papillon Helicopter Tours. Featuring undersea exploration in a submarine and flying aboard sightseeing helicopters, this experience offers visitors uncommon views of the Hawaiian paradise. Beginning 100 feet beneath the waves, travelers explore the mysteries of the deep ocean floor. The 45-minute helicopter rides are available on the Big Island in Hilo or Kona, Kauai, Oahu and Maui.

Cost of the submarine-helicopter packages starts at $150 per person. For more information, call (800) 548-6262.

Gainesboro, Tenn., appeals to collectors of antiques

At the foot of the Cumberland River Valley, nestled between towering ridges, is the small town of Gainesboro, Tenn. The streets are alive and bustling; merchants welcome people from all over the country. Avid collectors of antiques flock to the town, which includes stores with interesting people and nooks and crannies worth exploring. For more information on Gainesboro, contact the Gainesboro Chamber of Commerce, P.O Box 867, Gainesboro, Tenn. 38562; phone: (615) 268-9919.

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