QUITE INAPPROPRIATEEditor: The magazine section of Sunday...


April 03, 1994


Editor: The magazine section of Sunday, Feb. 13, had a very interesting article for Valentine's Day. The quotes from writings of well-known historical personalities were appropriate. Quite inappropriate, however, were the captions for the quotes in several instances, as well as in very poor taste. An unusual presentation for the Sun Magazine.

Davis Straken



Editor: Thank you for your cloying piece of journalism, "A Gathering of Gourmets," Sun Magazine, Feb. 20. You give your reader more than enough food for thought.

Shame on you for your article that glorifies "all the beautiful people" meeting here in Baltimore to celebrate elitism, money and arugula.

I really need to know if the food not enjoyed by Chaine des Rotisseurs members went directly down the street from the Belvedere Hotel to Our Daily Bread soup kitchen. I really need to know if the Sunpapers can afford to print articles which, in not so subtle ways, sugar-coat the institutional class differences in our society.

And, how dare you dis Beverly Burke in such a gratuitous fashion?

* Bad, bad taste all around!

Leslie Robin Kassal


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