Oriole Park food prices going up

April 02, 1994|By Mark Hyman | Mark Hyman,Sun Staff Writer

The cost of an Oriole Park meal will rise this year, but families that order carefully should be able to skirt some of the higher prices.

Beer, soft drinks, hot dogs and nachos -- ballpark cuisine at its finest -- are scheduled for increases, according to price lists released yesterday.

Joe Foss, Orioles vice chairman for business operations, attributed some of the price increases to higher-quality foods being served this season.

This year, concession stands and vendors will offer only all-beef hot dogs, and kosher will replace kosher-style franks, he said.

"Our main issue has been striving to improve quality, which often means a higher cost. That's what is being passed on," Foss said.

Prices are being increased for 20 of the roughly 80 food items sold at Camden Yards, the Orioles said. Beer prices are getting a 25-cent increase. The cheapest brew, a 12-ounce cup, will sell for $3.25. For an import bottle, the most expensive beer in the ballpark, the new price is $4.25.

The price for many hot dogs also will increase 25 cents. Franks purchased from vendors in the stands will be $3, and grilled hot dogs from concession stands will increase to $4. The new kosher hot dogs will be $3.50.

The new menu prices are kind to younger fans. The cost of a regular hot dog ($1.75) and small soda ($1.50) will be unchanged, along with the costs of popcorn, cotton candy and other items popular with families.

el,.2l "That's an underlying part of our philosophy. We want to encourage families with young kids to come to the ballpark," Foss said.

The biggest price increase on the Orioles' menu is for crab cakes, going to $6.25 from $4.50.

Concession prices are set jointly by the Orioles and the ballpark caterer, ARA Leisure Services, and both profit from concession sales.

Despite the new food prices, Foss said the Orioles were holding the line on many novelty items. An Orioles cap remains at $15, and a game program will be $3. Orioles ticket prices also are unchanged this year.


Selected food and beverage items at Camden Yards that will cost more this season:

.... .... .... .... .... .... '93 .... .... .... '94

16-oz. beer .... .... .... ....$3.25 .... .... $3.50

20-oz. soda .... .... .... ....$2.25 .... .... $2.75

Super hot dog .... .... .... . $2..75 .... ...... $3

Crab cake .... .... .... .... .$4.50 .... .... $6.25

Boog's sandwich .... ... .... .$5.75 .... .... $6.25

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