Police find incendiary devices at I-95 overpass in Guilford

April 01, 1994

The state fire marshal's office is investigating the discovery early yesterday of nearly half a dozen Molotov cocktails on the Vollmerhausen Road overpass above Interstate 95 in Guilford.

Police believe the glass bottles, which were soaked with a flammable liquid, were left on the overpass by someone who was preparing to throw them at passing vehicles.

"Obviously, someone doesn't know the seriousness of this," said Sgt. Steven Keller, a spokesman for the Howard County Police Department. "It's more than just a prank."

A Howard County officer initially responded around 1 a.m. to a report of eggs being hurled from the overpass. No one was found, Sergeant Keller said.

An hour later, officers responded to a report of a fire on the overpass. This time, the officers discovered at least five glass jars, some of them broken, and egg cartons, Sergeant Keller said.

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