In skirts or scrunchies, Rachel O! is always new


March 31, 1994|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,Sun Staff Writer

From the sound of it, Rachel Orem is a model student. The Lansdowne High School freshman is on the honor roll, belongs to Students Against Driving Drunk and volunteers at an elementary school.

But that's not what Rachel, 14, values most. Her greatest accomplishment? She has yet to repeat an outfit this school year.

Her flair isn't confined to her wardrobe, either. As a sign of her creativity, she's started signing her homework Rachel O!

"It's sort of like Jackie O," she says. "She dressed really good for her time. . . . But I don't think I'd wear what she did. Now she's sort of old."

How do you go so long without wearing the same thing again?

I have lots of separates, and I make sure all my clothes go together. I'll wear the same shirt but with a different pair of pants. And I have lot of jewelry and vests.

How many clothes do you have?

Not enough. I have 11 or 12 pairs of jeans, but a lot of shirts.

How in the world do you remember what you have and haven't worn?

If I see it together, I remember. One day, I wore a rose and white plaid shirt with my rose jeans. I put it on and had this feeling, "I've worn this before." Then I remembered I'd worn it on the weekend. Weekends don't count.

What's the point of working so hard never to repeat your clothing?

It makes me stand out. And it's just fun. If I don't repeat, it's something I know I've accomplished.

Of all the outfits you've worn, which is your favorite?

My black and white cow-patterned vest, black jeans and black T-shirt. The first time I wore it to school, people walked up to me and said, "Moo." I didn't mind. I thought, "I'll really make myself look like a cow." So I made a hair scrunchie that said "Moo" all over it. And I wore a small cowbell on a black cord around my neck.

How did this streak get started?

Last year, I went from September to January without wearing the same thing twice. This year, I started out thinking I'd make it through September, then October. . . . If I make it to June, I'm trying to convince my mom to buy me more clothes.

How do you decide when to wear something again?

I try to hold out as long as I can. I'll wear the same jeans once a week, the same shirt once every two weeks and vests once every three weeks.

Where do you shop?

Fashion Bug, but I make a lot of my clothes. The last thing I made was a four-tiered skirt with different kinds of black and white fabric. I also make a lot of plastic and beaded jewelry. Then I know that I'm not going to be wearing what someone else has on.

How would you describe your style?

Alternative. It's not what everyone else wears. One day I'll wear a tie-dyed T-shirt. The next day, I'll wear a button-down shirt.

Do you think your style will change when you grow up?

Probably not. I want to be a kindergarten teacher. I see myself wearing bright outfits and lots of jewelry. I'll probably have to tone it down a bit, but I really don't want to look like everyone else.

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