IBF to Rosi: give Pettway rematch

March 30, 1994|By Alan Goldstein

Bob Lee Sr., president of the International Boxing Federation, has officially notified the manager of junior-middleweight champion Gianfranco Rosi that Rosi must give mandatory challenger Vincent Pettway of Baltimore a rematch within 90 days of their last fight.

The rematch was ordered by the IBF executive council after Rosi's fight with Pettway in Las Vegas March 4 was stopped by ring physician Flip Homansky early in the sixth round after an accidental head butt opened a 13-stitch gash over the champion's left eye.

Rosi of Italy was leading on all three judges' cards, but under IBF regulations, a fight must go at least six full rounds before it can be decided by a butt.

"I've notified Rosi's manager, Silvero Gresta, that we expect a title rematch by June 4," said Lee.

"However, we realize he sustained a serious injury that could prevent him from sparring for some time. If an extension is required, we will allow it. We don't want to strip the champion. We want him to fight Pettway again."

Pettway, who sustained a slight gash on his hairline, already has returned to training at Mack Lewis' Broadway gym.

Don King, who promoted the first fight after winning purse bids, has expressed interest in staging the rematch this summer.

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