All in the family: scallions, shallots and green onions


March 30, 1994|By Rita Calvert | Rita Calvert,Special to The Sun

Q: What is the difference between green onions and scallions? How do I know which part to use?

A: There is a slight difference between green onions and scallions and that is their size due to maturity. Scallion is the name for the immature plant of the white onion, which is pulled before the bulb formation. It is a broad term that encompasses many members of the onion family, such as young leeks, young shallots, or young spring or green onions. In a loose sense, green onions, spring onions and scallions are considered to be the same.

Q: I have some bread recipes that call for 1 1/2 cakes of compressed yeast. How can I convert that to the dry granulated yeast that my bread machine calls for?

A:One cake of compressed yeast equals one package ( 1/4 ounce) of granulated dry yeast, a package of granulated yeast equals one tablespoon. So using a measuring spoon, use 1 1/2 teaspoon (half of the package).

Q: I have a bag of butternuts and the nuts are hard to open. Is there a way to make the shelling easier?

A: To make shelling nuts with a tough coating easier, try pouring boiling water over them and letting them stand for 15 to 20 minutes. This should soften the shell and works on very tough nuts such as Brazil nuts.

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