One-Sided NewsIn regards to an article, ("Lawsuit accuses...


March 29, 1994

One-Sided News

In regards to an article, ("Lawsuit accuses priest of sexually abusing teen"), March 12, we are once again led by the news media to character assassination with allegations of sexual misconduct of a Catholic priest. This seems to be the popular thing to do these days.

Why do you think it is your right and duty to report a one-sided allegation concerning a Catholic priest, but sanctimoniously refuse to name the accuser, claiming, "The Sun does not name victims of alleged sexual abuse"?

Whatever happened to being confronted with your accuser? Is that something I dreamed up? I am sure Father Jerome F. Toohey Jr. knows who the accuser is, but if you are going to ruin a fine reputation, should not we know the accuser also?

Yes, I am a friend of Father Toohey, and your rush to get a sensational story will not change that. Don't you find it strange that it took three years of abuse, then five years afterward, to decide to do something?

Could it be the recent rush of people to file these types of allegations, and maybe time is running out to reap a financial gain?

I first met Father Toohey in 1984, and I have known him very well ever since. He has always had the best interests of young people and their problems as a number one concern.

Did you inquire with any of the thousands of young men who have gained from his concern at Calvert Hall about his moral standards?

Did you contact any of the parishioners at St. John's Church, where he has been a weekend associate for more than nine years?

Did you bother to contact anyone at the Shrine of the Little Flower, where he says a signed mass for the deaf on Sundays?

It appears that the answer to the above is no.

Sure, you contacted the archdiocese and John Carroll School, and they gave brief statements, but you need to talk to the people who really know Father Toohey before you smear his name with one person's accusation.

William F. Loeffler

Forest Hill


George F. Will's column March 10 may well be right in believing that a reluctance to reveal chinks in their moral armor may have persuaded the Clintons to attempt to conceal certain aspects of the Whitewater affair which (in Mr. Will's words) "probably are, at worst, dealings too minor and complicated to arrest the nation's attention."

All fair-minded people should be grateful to him for attempting to put the matter in perspective.

Let us hope that Senators Bob Dole and Phil Gramm and their ilk, who are determined to make an Everest out of this molehill, whose greatest fear is that their opponents may succeed in doing what they have promised to do for this country, will now return to the duties which they are being paid to perform: the quest for solutions to critically important national problems.

The president has acceded to the Republicans' demand for the appointment of a special counsel. They should have the decency to wait for him to do his job and report his findings.

William Bader


Not Watergate

Perhaps in an attempt to make the news simpler for us to understand, our leaders and members of the various media like to call some current happening by the name of a previous event. However, using this technique loosely leads instead to obfuscation and misrepresentation.

Thus, whatever we think about the Whitewater business, we must not equate it with Watergate, as many seem wont to do.

Watergate was perpetrated by a sitting president attempting to circumvent our country's electoral process, a process that is integral to our way of governing ourselves and a direct affront to our constitutional guarantees. Whatever the Whitewater affair is, it is not, and should not be, compared to Watergate.

Matilda Weiner


Irrevocably Harmed

I read your March 15 article, "The Block Raid: Worth It?" with absolute disgust. The article, featuring quotes and statements from block barkers, doormen, dancers and bartenders, about the Maryland State Police was totally one-sided.

The Block, I feel it would be fair to say, is populated with individuals who deal in and profit from sleaze and other nefarious industries.

The underbelly of Baltimore's Inner Harbor development and progress, the Block continues to house the dregs of society.

As an individual who works downtown, I find the area of the "world famous Block" repugnant.

I believe the members of the state police mentioned in the article by persons of questionable character were irrevocably harmed.

Ernest M. Anderson

Bel Air

Nuclear Testing Is Nothing to Joke About

Young boys love to play with firecrackers. Stick one in a model plane, light the fuse and run away. Neat! Or set up a small army of toy soldiers and blow them away with an M-80. Cool!

Of course, every year there are those news stories on the fifth of July about unlucky kids who lose an eye or blow off a finger or two.

As long as children are immature risk-takers, accidents will keep happening. But that's what children are -- immature.

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