Nancy Kelly of Annapolis, Dorothy Parker of Severna Park...


March 27, 1994|By KEVIN HARRISON

Nancy Kelly of Annapolis, Dorothy Parker of Severna Park and Thomas Pendleton of Crofton

Volunteer work: Ms. Kelly, Ms. Parker and Mr. Pendleton are volunteers with the Hospice of the Chesapeake Visiting Friends Program.

Nancy Kelly: Ms. Kelly, a county resident for more than 20 years, is a minister of a small, nondenominational church in Annapolis.

"I entered this ministry wanting to assist people in the spiritual crises that come up at these times. I'm not there as a minister, but as a friend.

"Hospice is a wonderful program. I find it very satisfying. You really don't need any special training, you just need to like people and be there with them while they're going through this difficult time."

Dorothy Parker: A retired Anne Arundel public schools music teacher, Ms. Parker has been in the Visiting Friends program for eight years.

"It's very rewarding. You're doing something that's needed. You get so much in return.

"It's just a couple of hours a week. . . . They give you a lot of support. The training course is excellent."

Thomas Pendleton: Mr. Pendleton, retired from the Veterans Administration, volunteered at a hospice for about five years when he lived in Prince George's County. When he moved to Crofton, he sought out the Hospice of the Chesapeake and began volunteering there.

"My career had been with hospital work, in administration, and I began hearing about hospice and became aware of the need.

"Many people think it would be depressing work, but you got to know the good you're doing for the patients and especially for families, helping them with the care-giving aspect."

Organization's Comments: Community Relations Director Allison Alexander says, "Over the past year we have seen our patient census more than double. Right now we're caring for close to 90 people and need all the patient care and office volunteers we can get."

About the organization: The Hospice of the Chesapeake is looking for volunteers for the Visiting Friends program and to assist the office staff and other projects.

PD For information about volunteer opportunities, contact 987-2003.

"Volunteer Spotlight" is compiled by Kevin Harrison. To recommend someone, call the Anne Arundel Bureau, 315-8911, any time or fax information to 315-8916 or mail them to: The Sun for Anne Arundel, 8131 Ritchie Highway, Pasadena, Md. 21122.

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