75 Years Ago* Mrs. Sydney M. Cone, state chairwoman of the...


March 27, 1994

75 Years Ago

* Mrs. Sydney M. Cone, state chairwoman of the Women's Victory Loan Committee, will address Anne Arundel loan workers at the State House, to be preceded by a tea hosted by Mrs. Emerson C. Harrington, wife of the governor. -- The Sun, April 17, 1919.

* Religious services, featuring a field mass for the sick and wounded men at the base hospital, marked an otherwise quiet Easter Sunday at Camp Meade. Thousands of men were absent, visiting home on 36-hour to five-day passes. -- The Sun, April 21, 1919.

* Fifteen dreadnoughts and six other battleships of the U.S. Navy, comprising the greatest fleet of warships ever assembled in the waters of Upper Chesapeake Bay, will come to Annapolis in early June to take on board the regiment of more than 2,000 midshipmen for their annual summer practice cruise. -- The Sun, April 23, 1919.

Compiled by Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

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