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March 27, 1994

Help in a hurry

Quorum's Panic Dialer is the latest addition to the Quorum line of home security products. Its automated emergency dialing system allows consumers to reach family, friends and other important contacts in emergency situations with a simple press of a button.

Once programmed the Panic Dialer is set to respond to an emergency by automatically dialing up to four preset numbers and delivering one of three prerecorded distress messages. With the press of one button, the calls are preceded by a blaring alarm; the press of another initiates the calls without the alarm.

Where allowable, the system can also dial the phone number of an emergency response agency, such as police, fire and ambulance departments. Check with such agencies before programming their numbers into the unit.

The Panic Dialer is available at a suggested retail price of $279.95 at Quorum independent dealers across the country. Call (800) 883-0035 for a dealer in your area. If you've passed by a shopping-mall art shop recently, you've probably seen groups of people staring intently at odd-looking pictures that decorate the walls. They virtually press their noses against the colorful pictures and then, slowly, walk backward until their eyes focus on hidden pictures within the pictures.

They are looking at stereograms -- computer-generated pictures that take advantage of the distance between your two eyes to create the illusion of multidimensional images. Just think of the process as seeing 3-D without wearing glasses. Blue Mountain Arts' line of stereograms, which the company calls 5-D, include prints ($7.95), greeting cards ($3) and 1995 calendars ($11.95). Each item includes instructions for finding the hidden picture. If one way doesn't work, you can try another. Note: The company says the younger you are, the less time it is likely to take you to see the image.

You can find 5-D stereograms at card and gift shops throughout the nation. For more information, call Blue Mountain Arts at (800) 525-0642. A roundup of new products and services.

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