Around the house* Remove wax from candleholders by placing...


March 26, 1994|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Remove wax from candleholders by placing them on a cookie sheet that has been lined with a paper towel. Slide tray into warm oven. Wax will melt onto towel.

* Tackle tracked-in mud with cornstarch. Sprinkle onto damp spots; after 15 minutes for mud to be absorbed, vacuum or sweep away.

* Plastic grocery bags make convenient trash bags to hang on knobs in bedrooms or bathrooms. Or use as convenient holders for gardening tools when working outside.

* Clean gutters and spouts in preparation for April rains. March winds can clutter gutters and downspouts with leaves and debris.

* Give home a periodic safety check. Consider: If electrical plugs feel hot, disconnect them immediately; make sure appliance cords do not intersect a walking path when plugged in; plugs should be far away from bathtubs or showers; place child-proof plugs into all outlets if small children are in your home.

* Try using a dab of shaving cream to remove new stains and dirt from upholstery.

In the garden

* When planning your garden, mark out space with a garden hose. Place low, bulky objects like boxes or partially filled leaf bags inside the perimeter to help you visualize what the plantings will look like.

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