Adoption agency honors McCabe

March 25, 1994

...xTC Sen. Christopher McCabe, R-14B, received an award last week from a nonprofit child placement agency for his legislative efforts to improve the state's adoption process.

Adoptions Together, Inc. honored the Ellicott City Republican, whose district includes Howard and Montgomery counties, for introducing or co-sponsoring four adoption-oriented bills, in the past four years. They include bills that would permit access to medical records for adoptees and reduce the amount of time birth parents have to revoke consent of their children's adoption.

This year, Mr. McCabe also is sponsoring an adoption bill that would eliminate a "Baby Jessica" situation, in which a 2 1/2 -year-old named Jessica was returned to her birth parents who had gone to court to overturn her adoption.

Under the proposed bill, the court system would be able to revoke a birth parent's ability to block adoption after one year if the courts have tried and failed to contact the parents about the impending adoption, if there is no parental contact after one year or if there is an absence of child support in the space of one year.

The bill was passed unanimously by the Senate. A similar bill was killed by the House earlier this session.

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