Spring in February

March 25, 1994|By Edwina Sherudi | Edwina Sherudi,(From "Sonnets From a Maryland Suburb")

Spring isn't kind to come for just a day,

When even now the snow lies in the street

And in her heart she knows she cannot stay

But taunts us with her beauty, incomplete;

Spring is not fair to come in times like these

When weariness in life is manifold

And there is nothing showing on the trees

And nothing in our hearts but wind and cold.

How shall we gird our souls again to bear

This softened pale pink glow that lights the sky;

Or taste this mellowed sweetness in the air;

feel the frozen earth's awakened cry;

Or even brave the morrow's frost, unharmed,

Once spring has left us restless and disarmed?

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