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March 23, 1994

A letter published on The Evening Sun's editorial page Wednesday about Watergate and Whitewatergate identified the author incorrectly. It was written by Edward L. Lilly, of Joppatowne.

The Evening Sun regrets the error.

Whitewater not the same as Watergate

The term "Whitewatergate" is a not so subtle attempt to equate President Clinton's current woes with the Watergate scandal of the Nixon administration.

But Watergate was an attempt to steal an election by bribery, forgery and theft, and it involved the use of illegally obtained funds, altered evidence, lies, blackmail and extortion. Many of the felonies were plotted right in the office and the presence of the attorney general of the United States.


By contrast, whatever occurred in the Whitewater affair occurred 10 years ago and did not involve presidential malfeasance in office.

Nor has anyone been accused of wrongdoing. So far, a presidential aide has resigned as a result of using poor judgment -- not felonious conduct -- and another, for unknown reasons, committed suicide.

Congress should let the special prosecutor complete his task without disruption or interference. It should not waste money on committee hearings about matters that are unrelated to the president's conduct in office.

Only after the special prosecutor has finished his work should congressional hearings be held, if appropriate.

In the meantime, let Congress get on with attending to the nation's business.

Tyler P. Roylance


Priest bashers

We are furious over your article about Father Jeff Toohey ("Lawsuit accuses priest of sexually abusing teen," March 12).

We're sure it's like spitting in the wind with you people, but do you realize you have maligned one of the finest, most caring men in our community?

JTC With a few quick sentences a man's reputation has been flayed and destroyed. This is not journalism but a perpetuation of the national hysteria over "abuse."

Whatever "abuse of the month" is fashionable (the current one being priest- and cardinal-bashing), The Baltimore Sun is sure to be in the forefront, waving your self-righteous banner.

Sure, protect the victim of abuse. But why can't you give the same courtesy to the victim of the media? The man deserves his day in court before his name is published and dragged through the scum.

You have reached an all-time low and we have absolutely no respect for your paper.

#Thomas and Veronica Butz


Wacky Washington

Total insanity now rules in Washington.

The Clinton administration is advocating that all our phones be equipped with a transponder in order for the government to be able to monitor private conversations at will. The purpose: To identify potential terrorists.

The March 14 Wall Street Journal, in a lead editorial, describes how the new "independent" prosecutor Robert Fiske, appointed by Clintonites to investigate themselves, now refuses to turn over previously public documents regarding Vincent Foster's "suicide."

Dow Jones & Co. has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Clinton's Justice Department under the Freedom of Information Act . . .

And finally, Secretary of State Warren Christopher is home from China after warning the Chinese that we might stop importing from them, under most favored nation status, if they aren't more tolerant of their revolutionaries.

That's right, Mr. Clinton, take away our rights to buy cheaper Chinese goods and turn your back on the fastest-growing economy in the world. Aren't consumer rights part of "human rights"? . . .

Richard L. Frank


Hayden's failing efforts

The three worst words in English for a Baltimore County resident during the past winter were "End State Maintenance" contained on little signs along the roads.

That meant that what was beyond was sure to be slippery, rutted and very dangerous long after any precipitation has fallen.

I have lived in Baltimore County for over 40 years and have never seen the roads as deplorable after a snowfall as this year.

While I'm sure the work crews are dedicated, willing people, their management ill-serves them in planning and operational control.

They should look across the border to Carroll County where the roads have been in good shape, thanks to the supervision of Jay Nave.

That county does many times better with about half the budget, manpower and equipment.

As a former Board of Education official, perhaps County Executive Roger Hayden should attempt to improve his performance from an "F," lest he be dismissed from his current place of learning.

Henry S. Clark III


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