Company of angels is woman's employer

March 23, 1994|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Sun Staff Writer

Jane M. Howard of Upperco is calling for angelic consciousness.

"Let the energy of angels inspire us to be a blessing in someone's life," said Ms. Howard, who is organizing the second national Be An Angel Day to encourage kindness.

She is asking people to plan angelic acts Aug. 22. Last year, groups from 22 nations participated in what she hopes will become an annual event.

"The whole focus is on how we can be ministering spirits to others," Ms. Howard said. "We must be like angels -- God's selfless servants -- and be a blessing in someone's life."

Teaching people to communicate with the angels is her "life's bliss," she said.

"I don't clobber people over the head. You can't make people believe. I share my truth. Whether they accept it is their choice."

Ms. Howard, 43, said she is uniquely qualified to interpret angelic messages. Since she was 11, she has felt the "comforting energy of my angel friend," who came to her in visions.

"I never felt fear, just peace and acceptance," she said. "My earth family expanded to include one more member."

She described the "visitations" as a shining light "which delivers energies from God."

"It came because I was open and accepting," she said.

As a teen-ager, she kept her visions secret, but did research on angels in the Bible and throughout history.

"I found I was in the company of Joan of Arc and many others," she said. "As a messenger for God's messengers, I knew I needed to do something of service for others. The time had come for the mystery to be revealed."

From her home in Baltimore County, just across the Carroll County line, she uses her Angel Heights Spiritual Center to disseminate information about the "angelic kingdom and people's interaction with angels," she said.

A practicing Methodist and an ordained interfaith minister, Ms. Howard frequently lectures and leads workshops on her favorite topic. She recently spoke in Moscow and London, and will participate in a conference in Canada next week.

The popularity of her message has led to speaking engagements that fill every weekend for the rest of this year.

"I share my stories and beliefs, and give a biblical history on who angels are," she said. "People hear what I have to say and embrace what they are comfortable with."

Her conferences end with a guided meditation to "encourage people to feel their friends in the angelic kingdom."

"Angelic activation allows people to feel the angels inside themselves," she said. Her message gives hope that "angels offer blessings and safe passage through transformational times."

Through her workshops, she asks people to dispel hopelessness and pass the legacy of hope to the next generation. The conferences can last a few hours, with a few people at the home center, or all day for hundreds of people in a formal setting.

"I always tell people not to confuse me with the messengers," she said. "Angels inspire us to be earth angels for others."

Ms. Howard fills her home with angelic images -- all too earthly to approximate the real being, she said. From the whimsical to the ethereal, cherubic visages surround her, and she encourages an openness to the messages of God's messengers.

"Angels meet you wherever you are," she said. "They can come in any form and their ways of touching you are unlimited.

"Just because you haven't seen a Christmas card angel doesn't mean you have missed seeing one."

She finds humor in her preoccupation, addressing visitors with "Halo, beautiful being" or snapping a photo of her dog dressed in halo and wings.

Her favorite item in her angel collection is a hand-carved statue of a stern-faced Archangel Michael crushing the Devil beneath his foot.

People often tell her of their own angel encounters.

"The universal gift of angels shows God's love for us," she said. "The angelic kingdom watches over us, inspires us, and, I have found in my work, protects us from ourselves."

She recently began publishing "Angelic Passages," a monthly newsletter, and is nearing completion of "Be an Angel," her second book.

Her first book, "Commune with the Angels," a handbook to encourage people to have a relationship with angels, is in its sixth printing. It has been translated into Japanese and Russian.

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