* Dack Rambo, 53, who played silver-haired Jack Ewing on...


March 23, 1994

* Dack Rambo, 53, who played silver-haired Jack Ewing on "Dallas" and a congressman on the soap opera "Another World" before he learned he was infected with the AIDS virus and quit show business in 1991, died Monday in Delano, Calif. The cause of death was not disclosed.

* Edward Foss Wilson, 89, who built Wilson & Co., the Chicago meatpacking company founded by his father, into a nearly billion-dollar venture with interests in sporting goods and pharmaceuticals, died Saturday in a Washington hospital. When he became president of Wilson in 1934 at age 29, the company had annual sales of $180 million. By the time he moved up from president to chairman in 1953, Wilson's sales totaled more than $800 million.

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