Roll call

March 23, 1994

The Maryland Senate yesterday approved a bill that would ban the sale of 18 models of handguns sometimes called "assault" pistols. Here's how senators voted:

YEA (29):

Blount, Clarence W., D-Baltimore

Boergers, Mary H., D-Montgomery

Boozer, F. Vernon, R-Baltimore County

Bromwell, Thomas L., D-Baltimore County

Della, George W. Jr., D-Baltimore

Denis, Howard A., R-Montgomery

Dorman, Arthur, D-Prince George's

Garrott, Idamae, D-Montgomery

Green, Leo E., D-Prince George's

Hoffman, Barbara A., D-Baltimore

Hollinger, Paula C., D-Baltimore County

Hughes, Ralph M., D-Baltimore

Irby, Nathan C. Jr., D-Baltimore

Lapides, Julian L., D-Baltimore

Lawlah, Gloria, D-Prince George's

Levitan, Laurence, D-Montgomery

McCabe, Christopher, R-Howard

Miller, Thomas V. Mike Jr., D-Prince George's

O'Reilly, Thomas P., D-Prince George's

Pica, John A. Jr., D-Baltimore

Piccinini, Janice, D-Baltimore County

Ruben, Ida G., D-Montgomery

Sher, Patricia R., D-Montgomery

Tignor, Beatrice, D-Prince George's

Trotter, Decatur, D-Prince George's

Wagner, Michael J., D-Anne Arundel

Winegrad, Gerald W., D-Anne Arundel

Yeager, Thomas M., D-Howard

Young, Larry, D-Baltimore

NAY (18):

Amoss, William H., D-Harford

Baker, Walter M., D-Cecil

Cade, John A., R-Anne Arundel

Collins, Michael J., D-Baltimore County

Derr, John W., R-Frederick

Fowler, C. Bernard, D-Calvert

Freeman, Habern, D-Harford

Hafer, John, R-Allegany

Haines, Larry E., R-Carroll

Jimeno, Philip, D-Anne Arundel

Malkus, Frederick C. Jr., D-Dorchester

Miedusiewski, American Joe, D-Baltimore

Munson, Donald F., R-Washington

Murphy, Nancy L., D-Baltimore County

Simpson, James C., D-Charles

Smelser, Charles H., D-Carroll

Stoltzfus, J. Lowell, R-Somerset

Stone, Norman R., D-Baltimore County

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