Filming of state lottery commercial offers a few perks for the neighbors


March 21, 1994|By JEAN LESLIE

Happy first day of spring. This year, we Marylanders will appreciate the seasonal change immensely -- it's the calm after the storm. And spring fever will be even worse than usual.


Last Tuesday, the neighbors in Meadowbrook Farm development in Ellicott City were treated to a show as a filming crew from production firm Trahan, Burden, and Charles descended on Rick Mandelson's Dower Drive split-level.

The crew was filming a commercial for the Maryland State Lottery in the home, chosen for its layout and for its late 1960s style.

The crew's cars and vans lined the normally sedate street, while a props truck and a generator truck sat directly in front of the house.

People moved in and out of the house all day, carrying furniture, lights, and T-shirts.


Yup. In the spot, actor Wayne Fetterman plays an avid T-shirt collector, one who needs a laundry room for washing his collection and a room in which to display them.

How did all of this affect the neighborhood?

Rick's neighbor across the street, Johnnie Perry, had an opportunity to be a caterer when the crew ate at her house.

And one anonymous neighbor got a new clothesline. An umbrella-style clothesline was needed as a prop.

After canvassing yards for an umbrella clothesline with the right look, the crew found one, and offered to buy the owner a new clothesline in exchange.

Be on the lookout this week for Ellicott City's lottery commercial.

It first airs on Wednesday.


Jim and Kim Sheridan of Ellicott City's Olive Branch Restaurant offer county nonprofit groups Community Days on selected Mondays. The organization's members act as guest waiters and waitresses, hosts and hostesses, and the restaurant donates 10 percent of the evening's receipts to the group.

The volunteers or members of the nonprofit group can enjoy a social evening together while publicizing its mission to the larger community.

On March 14, Patapsco Middle School was the recipient of Community Day. Teachers and administrators set aside their chalk and overhead projectors in favor of aprons and food trays, to wait on their students and families.

The Sheridans may have found personal meaning in this event, because they live with their three preschool children in the Patapsco Middle School district lines.

The Olive Branch offers other benefits to the schools. As part of its contribution to the Prom Promise Program, the restaurant opens from 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. to serve free pizzas and salads to prom-goers.

Patapsco Middle School raised about $400 last Monday night, thanks to the restaurant, their active community and those wonderful teachers: Suzanne Aubin, Jaye Ayres, Fran Baranson, Diane Boarman, Leora Caporaletti, Cindy Dupski, Nancy Eisenhuth, Sue Jackson-Stein, Vivan Kochis, Dan LeJeune, Alma Taylor, Lois Lowe, Beth Miller, Kathy Potocki, Dave Reck, Joan Sites, Fred Talentino, Margot Vincent, Elaine Wallis, Kathy Unrath, Mary Rapp, Sue Meomartino, Kathy Ivey; and administrators Susan Griffith and Steve Gibson.

Tonight, the Olive Branch offers a Salute to Scouting to support the programs of Baltimore Area Council of Boy Scouts of America.


The members of the Columbia Figure Skating Club invite you to join them at "Mary Poppins on Ice," this weekend. The performances will be on Saturday, at 3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., and Sunday at 1 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Plenty of Ellicott City and Elkridge people will skate in these performances.

Kim, Russ and Kathleen Rzemien from Hanover are active in the club. Kim will join Ellicott City resident Nikki Seegmuller in the Penguin scene, which features the club's high-level competitive skaters.

Kathleen will join the Suffragettes demonstrating with Mrs. Banks. Russ will perform the role of Uncle Albert in his tea party scene.

Michael Habib of Ellicott City will perform as Mary Poppins' charge Michael Banks.

Caitlin Ryan and Daniele Surkovich are bedroom toys animated by a "Spoonful of Sugar." Caitlin Ring and Cori Wetherald play in the County Fair band while Bunnies Brenna Loury and Ashley Virtue and Doll Alicia Williams spin.

Fair-goers include Michelle Anderson, Allison Barber and Carey McCrone. As Chimney Sweeps,Michelle Anderson, Meghan Smith, Paul Virtue, Mark Loury and Bill Seegmuller will set the audience's toes a-tapping.

Linda Crawford feeds her flocks as the Bird Lady, while stoic bankers Amanda Moore, Julia Banda and Erica Nieman teach the children about the value of money.

Melissa Ring, Brittany Surkovich and Stephanie Whittbecker appear in the "Let's Go Fly a Kite" finale.

Linda Crawford is show director, Dave Crawford is production manager, and Trish Virtue is assistant show director.

Tickets cost $8 for adults and $6 for children. For information, call Fran Terry at (410) 730-3760 or Denise Havery at (310) 596-4132.


If you went to the Maryland Home and Garden show last weekend, perhaps you noticed the Howard County Master Gardeners' herb exhibit.

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