From exemptions to staples, some problems to watch for

March 21, 1994

The most common problems that slow down the processing of Maryland tax returns, according to the state comptroller's office, are:

Rounding, Decimal Points and Commas: All dollar figures should be rounded to the nearest dollar. (50 cents and above to the next higher dollar, 49 cents and below to the next lower.) They should be in blue or black ink without decimal points, commas or dollar signs.

Standard Deduction: Maryland's standard deduction is 15 percent of the taxpayer's adjusted gross income, subject to minimum and maximum amounts. Many taxpayers mistakenly pay more taxes than necessary. A work sheet to help with the standard deduction is on Page 7 of the Maryland tax return 1993 workbook.

Local Taxes: Municipal and county taxes are determined by where a taxpayer lives, not by where he works. The rates are not necessarily the same in different counties.

Exemptions: People who calculate their total exemptions on their 502 form often forget to get credit for the exemptions by writing the number down on line 58.

Staples: Workers in the comptroller's office lose time removing thousands of extra staples. Use one staple.

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