1994 County Boys Lacrosse Preview

March 20, 1994

Aberdeen Eagles

1993 record: 1-8. Coach: Andrew Cassilly.

Top players: Andy D'Amico, Jr., MF; Tim Eakin, Sr., ATT; Pete Ford, Jr., DEF; Paul Gasdia, Jr., DEF; Justin Hodges, Jr., MF; Justin Moe, Soph., GK; Joe Nuzeman, Sr., MF.

Outlook: This is a new team with a new attitude, as Nuzeman is the only real returning starter. This gives Cassilly a chance to bring along some players and begin molding a unit. In his fifth year as head coach, this is the first he has taught at the high school, a situation that lends itself to better communication with the players. "The attitude is good, and I think we'll look like a team this year," the coach said.

Bel Air Bobcats

1993 record: 5-7. Coach: Bill Zimmerman

Top players: Chris Forbes, Sr., MF; Rob Glassman, Sr., DEF; Barkley Griffis, Sr., MF; John Helmer, Sr., ATT; Brian Keiser, Sr., .. GK; Doug Shuman, Jr., DEF; Dave Watts, Sr., MF.

Outlook: There are three full midfields instead of the two of a year ago. And, with a good group of experienced seniors, the team is expected to be as strong or stronger than last season.

C. M. Wright Mustangs

1993 record: 11-3. Coach: Carl Greenberg

Top players: David Blades, Sr., ATT; Brian King, Sr., ATT; Jason Parks, Sr., GK; Gavin Snyder, Sr., DEF; Jason Tharpe, Sr., MF; Jon Topfer, Sr., DEF; Steve Wynne, Sr., DEF.

Outlook: The senior veterans provide a good nucleus, and Greenberg sees potential in the returnees. At the same time, he thinks there will be a need to overcome some inexperience. The midfields, for example, are primarily sophomores and juniors whom the coach considers good athletes. The Mustangs lost four first-team All-County players, but Parks was on the second unit, and Blades and King were two of the top three scorers in the county.

Edgewood Rams

1993 record: 4-5. Coach: Mike Sulewski.

Outlook: Attempts to reach the coach were unsuccessful.

Fallston Cougars

1993 record: 14-2. Coach: John Conley

Top players: Jamie Auer, Sr., GK; Patrick Elliott, Jr., ATT; Joe Foley, Sr., ATT; Kernan Kelly, Jr., DEF; C. J. Lauer, Jr., ATT; Kevin Morgan, Sr., MF; Todd Paradise, Jr., MF; Ken Poling, Sr., DEF; Fred Sheckells, Sr., MF.

Outlook: Conley reeled off 15 names, but said he did not have the talent or the depth of last year's state Class 1A/2A runner-up. Paradise was the only sophomore on the first two All-County teams, and was joined on the first unit by Auer (allowed fewer than five goals a game), with Sheckells and Poling on the second team. "We have some good players, but we don't have the offensive power [266 goals] of a year ago," Conley said. "We have some who could develop, but right now they need some confidence."

Harford Technical Cobras

1993 record: No team. Coach: Tom Nelson

Top players: Richie Grace, Jr., ATT; Eddie Jones, Jr., ATT; Tim Ridgely, Sr., DEF; Chris Rogers, Jr., MF; Leroy Sims, Jr., MF; Adam Stallings, Soph., DEF; Jeff Thomas, Sr., MF.

Outlook: This will be a year of fundamentals and learning. Only three or four of the 15 players have played the game. "They are enthusiastic and working hard," says Nelson. "They have a desire to play the game and are making the practices fun.

Havre de Grace Warriors

1993 record: 5-5. Coach: Ted Walke

Top players: Collin Brown, Jr., DEF; Kyle Christy, Jr., MF; Todd Hawkins, Jr., MF; Sean McCone, Jr., MF; Aaron Schorah, Sr., DEF; Fred Zellman, Jr., DEF.

Outlook: McCone, who started in goal the last two years, has been shifted to midfield to provide some experience for a graduation-depleted team. He is the only returning starter from a Class 2A/1A regional entry, and Schorah is the only one of the six seniors to have played before.

John Carroll Patriots

1993 record: 2-12. Coach: Boo Smith

Top players: Matt Brown, Tony Coatsolonia, Sr., ATT; Shane Gray, Jr., MF; Joe Hughes, Sr., MF; Sean McDonough, Jr., ATT; Ed Park, Sr., DEF; Adam Parris, Jr., DEF; Kevin Stever, Sr., GK.

Outlook: The strength of this team is in its experience, especially on defense. A return to the MSA B Conference, where it won titles in the past prior to moving to the A level, should help the won-lost record.

Joppatowne Mariners

1993 record: 1-8. Coach: Bill Waibel

Top players: Tim Brown, Jr., MF; Sean Dobbs, Sr., GK; Bo DuVal, Sr., ATT; Jay Lawhorn, Jr., DEF; Russ Peters, Jr., MF; Rob Walko, Sr., DEF.

Outlook: Last season was a rebuilding year, but this year the six players above are returnees. With this experience, the team should be better overall, and Waibel is looking for some vast improvement in some areas.

North Harford Hawks

1993 record: 9-5. Coach: John Grubb

Top players: Jeremy Addington, Sr., MF; Kevin Bandy, Soph., GK; Jason Bellamy, Sr., ATT; Jay Heil, Sr., DEF; Keith Smith, Jr., ATT; Jason Testerman, Sr., DEF; Nick Thomson, Jr., DEF; Mike Weller, Sr., DEF; Jon Wright, Sr., ATT.

Outlook: Although the midfielders are young and relatively inexperienced, Grubb sees this as a talented team with a great work ethic. Wright returns as the leading scorer in the county after getting 21 goals and 28 assists a year ago.

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