25 Years Ago (Week of March 9-15, 1969):* A three-alarm...


March 20, 1994|By Diane Mullaly

25 Years Ago (Week of March 9-15, 1969):

* A three-alarm fire caused $50,000 worth of damage to Taylor Manor's 25-year-old admissions building. The blaze originated in lower-level storage room. No one was injured in the fire.

* Negotiating teams for the Howard County Teacher's Association and the county Board of Education signed an agreement which called for starting salaries for teachers to be raised to $6,800 next September. This is a $500 increase from the existing rate.

50 Years Ago (Week of March 12-18, 1944):

* Renovations were recently completed at the Melville M. E. Church, which included painting, refinishing of woodwork, installation of an altar, choir stalls and paneling, and rearrangement of the chancel.

* Samuel L. Pfefferkorn was named president of the Howard County Library to complete the term of Mauritz L. Hallgren, who had resigned.

Information for this column was compiled by Diane Mullaly from the Howard County Historical Society library.

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