A Dignified National AnthemIt is surely noteworthy that...


March 20, 1994

A Dignified National Anthem

It is surely noteworthy that . . . it is necessary to watch the Olympics from Norway in order to hear and experience a rendition of our National Anthem that is both dignified and unprostituted.

Apparently, it is only possible in distant lands to encounter an audience which is capable of waiting until the anthem's conclusion before applauding.

PD What a pity that all of this seems impossible on our own shores.

Charles K. Riepe


Library Crunch

As a long-time Harford County resident, I am taking the liberty to make a bona fide suggestion to Harford County Executive Eileen Rehrmann: Visit our Bel Air library at any time and look around.

I am sure that you will reach the same conclusions most of its patrons have reached years ago.

Namely, the library is terribly overcrowded, poorly equipped and woefully understaffed. (The only recent positive development is that additional two-hour parking spaces have been provided for patrons.)

There has been talk for years now about the planned expansion of the Bel Air library facilities, but no appropriations have been made to date, as far as I know.

Could you please give me and my co-patrons some indication of the current funding status of the library?

This is also as good a time as any for me to comment most favorably about the dedication and professionalism of the following librarians who have given me outstanding support during a recent visit: Karen Lamis, senior librarian; Elizabeth Pratt, adult librarian, and Sue Asselin, clerk.

In spite of the overcrowded library and the terrible working conditions, they still managed to be efficient and friendly. They are to be admired and commended.

Gunther Bienes

Havre de Grace

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