Shelter kills mixed-breed dog couple selected

March 20, 1994|By Kris Antonelli | Kris Antonelli,Sun Staff Writer

A Linthicum man and his girlfriend were outraged last week after they found that a dog they had bought at the county animal shelter was euthanized before they returned to pick it up.

The mixed-breed dog was scheduled to be neutered on Monday, but it was killed that day, said Jerry Scott, who paid $46 for it March 12.

"And the thing of it was that they didn't even give a hoot about the dog," said Mr. Scott, 23. "They never called me, and they had both my work and home phone numbers. They would not admit that it was their fault."

Tahira Williams, head of county animal control, did not return phone calls Friday.

Mr. Scott and his girlfriend, Francien Wilk, say they found the dog at the animal shelter in Glen Burnie. Mr. Scott said he told an employee of the shelter that he wanted to let his roommate, Scott Llewellyn, 22, see the dog before he made the final decision to buy it.

According to Mr. Scott, the employee suggested that they pay for the dog to reserve it. Mr. Scott paid and told workers he would send his roommate to the shelter on Monday to look at it.

"They told me at the shelter that if I changed my mind, I could get my money back," he said.

Mr. Scott said his roommate decided it was not necessary for him to look at the dog before Mr. Scott brought it home, so he did not show up at the shelter.

When Mr. Scott and his girlfriend arrived at the shelter Tuesday ++ to pick up the dog, he was told it was dead.

"They killed it instead of neutering it," Ms. Wilk of Glen Burnie said. "They told us they didn't believe we were really serious about the dog. But we paid for it -- how much more serious can you be?"

Mr. Scott said the shelter could have checked to see whether he was going to pick up the dog.

"But they never called me or left a message," he said.

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