* Mai Zetterling, 68, a Swedish-born director and actress...


March 20, 1994

* Mai Zetterling, 68, a Swedish-born director and actress who starred in films with Peter Sellers, Tyrone Power and Anjelica Huston, died March 15 in London of cancer. After working in a drug store and mail order firm, she tried acting, and, at 17 years old, joined the National Theater School in Stockholm. Her first film role was in "Frenzy," with a screenplay by then-unknown Ingmar Bergman. After her Hollywood period she turned to writing and directed a number of films in English and in Swedish.

* Sally Belfrage, 57, the American-born author of books about Russia, the U.S. civil rights movement and Northern Ireland, died March 14 of cancer in London. Born in Los Angeles to English parents, she moved to England as a teen-ager when her father was deported as an alleged Communist in 1955. She visited Moscow in 1956, decided to stay and in 1958 published "A Room in Moscow." The book was a success, and visiting the United States afterward she was invited to meet Eleanor Roosevelt. She joined the civil rights movement in Mississippi in 1963, working to register blacks to vote. In "Freedom Summer," published in 1965, she described the danger she felt.

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