From The Sun March 20-26, 1844March 20: A new era in the...


March 20, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun March 20-26, 1844

March 20: A new era in the science of gastronomy has arrived. Frog soup is now served up at various tonish eating houses, and is eagerly devoured by those who fancy themselves epicures. Some of them eat so heartily, that unable to walk, they hop to bed.

March 22: But few persons have ever gone down the North Point road who have not had pointed out to them the large wild poplar tree, under which the British General Ross, who commanded the troops destined for an attack on Baltimore in 1814, drew his last breath. The old tree has at last fallen under the stroke of the woodsman's axe.

From The Sun March 20-26, 1894

March 21: Yesterday was the first day of spring, and, with usual docility, the weather showed a creditable regard for poetic justice and was bright and beautiful all the day long.

March 22: With plaintive chants and solemn services the observance of the Tenebrae was begun yesterday evening at the Cathedral and all the Catholic churches of Baltimore.

From The Sun March 20-26, 1944

March 20: A fairly satisfactory whodunit, "Calling Dr. Death," at the Maryland Theater, is the first of a projected series of "Inner Sanctum" mysteries to be made by Universal.

March 25: Baltimore Negroes yesterday were assured their first indoor recreation center under municipal auspices when the Board of Estimates authorized the expenditure of $20,000 for the purchase of the Turnverein Vorwaerts property at 732 West Lexington Street by the Department of Recreation.

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