Young wants 'Bro' greeting to get equal time with 'Hon'

March 19, 1994|By Frank Langfitt | Frank Langfitt,Sun Staff Writer

Hon, meet Bro.

Two days after Baltimore Sen. Barbara A. Hoffman amended the state budget to require a sign outside Baltimore to read "Welcome to Baltimore, Hon!" Sen. Larry Young pledged to do the same to get a sign that reads "Welcome to Baltimore, Bro!"

In the spirit of multi-culturalism, Senator Young, who is black, said he only wants equal time for Baltimoreans who do not use "Hon," Bawlamer's time-honored expression of fondness.

"If they really want humor, let's make it fair," said Senator Young, who said he had received 30 to 40 complaints about Senator Hoffman's amendment. Baltimore is at least 55 percent black.

Senator Young announced the idea on the Senate floor yesterday in the latest spin on a impish move Wednesday by Senator Hoffman, who is white, to withhold $1 million from the city unless it permits a sign with Baltimore's term of endearment.

Senator Young, also from Baltimore, said he's lobbying hard for the "Bro!" sign and may tack it onto the budget.

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