Woman, in rape trial, describes alleged attack

March 18, 1994|By Darren M. Allen | Darren M. Allen,Sun Staff Writer

When the woman offered a man who she barely knew a ride home from a Carroll tavern in September, she had no intention of having sex with him, the woman testified yesterday at the man's trial on rape and kidnapping charges.

"I was in shock, I didn't know what to do," the woman told the Carroll Circuit Court jury as she described how she felt as she was being raped at the side of a dark Carroll County road on the night of Sept. 15, 1993. "He grabbed my hair, he rolled me over."

Lonnie Layton Price, the 38-year-old Reisterstown man charged in the crime, watched the woman intensely as she told her story for nearly two hours.

Before the woman took the stand, Mr. Price's attorneys told the jury of six men and six women that the sex that night was a consensual one-night stand initiated by the woman.

"This is not a rape, this is a woman who went to the bar to pick up a man, have a sexual interlude and now she wants to use rape to explain it to her husband," Carroll Public Defender Barbara Kreinar said in her opening statement.

Court records show that a county grand jury returned a four-count indictment against Mr. Price in December that charged him with second- and fourth-degree rape, assault with intent to rape and kidnapping. He has been in the Carroll County Detention Center since he was arrested in January.

The woman -- whose name is being withheld to protect her privacy -- testified that she went out drinking the night of the alleged rape after she and her husband had an argument. She said she went to a Westminster bar for a drink, then drove to the Reese Inn. There, she said, she had four or five beers and talked casually with patrons and employees.

At closing time, she finished a beer and went to her car.

She testified that Mr. Price asked her for a ride home and she agreed to give him one. They drove along Bethel Road for what the woman said seemed to be a long time. Then she pulled her car beside an open field so she could get out and relieve herself.

While she was doing that, she said, she was hit in the head, thrown to the ground face-down, then turned over and raped.

After the attack, Mr. Price drove the car to what he said was his house. He got out, the woman said, and she drove away.

The witness said she drank several more beers, drove to a girlfriend's house in Hanover, Pa., then drove back to Westminster, where she ran her car into a telephone pole on Pennsylvania Avenue.

She was seriously injured in the accident, she testified, and spent the next five days in Carroll County General Hospital.

The woman said she told her husband about the rape eight days later but did not mention it to anyone before that.

She said she was embarrassed and scared to tell anyone before, but her husband was pressuring her "for the truth" about Sept. 15. She said the rape accusation enraged him, and the two of them drove to the Reese Inn that night, where her husband attacked Mr. Price.

Under questioning from Ms. Kreinar, the woman said she didn't tell anyone -- hospital personnel, her sister, her mother, her best friend -- about the rape because, "I was scared."

"Of what?" Ms. Kreinar asked.

"I don't know. I just felt like a scared little girl."

As Ms. Kreinar continued her cross-examination, the woman testified that she has previously been convicted of felony theft and escape.

The woman was the first witness called by Assistant State's Attorney Christy McFaul.

The trial is scheduled to continue today in Judge Raymond E. Beck Sr.'s courtroom.

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