Baltimore CitySHOOTING: Western District -- A resident of...


March 18, 1994|By Richard Irwin

Baltimore City

SHOOTING: Western District -- A resident of the 1600 block of N. Monroe St. was in the 2100 block of W. Lexington St. Tuesday when someone fired a gun. The victim was wounded in the right arm and treated at an area hospital

SHOOTING: Western District -- Someone fired at least 10 shots from a semiautomatic handgun in the 1300 block of Edmondson Ave. Tuesday and wounded a resident of the 500 block of Robert St. in the right leg. The victim was attempting to take cover when he was shot. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment and released.

ROBBERY: Western District -- A resident of the 3000 block of Spaulding Ave. was in the 1800 block of N. Carey St. Wednesday when a gunman robbed her of gold jewelry and $13, all valued at nearly $500.

BURGLARY: Western District -- A TV valued at $200 was stolen from a house in the 100 block of N. Carrollton Ave. Wednesday.

BURGLARY: Western District -- An 8mm camcorder valued at $800 was stolen from the Harlem Park Recreation Center in the 700 block of N. Calhoun St. Tuesday or Wednesday.

THEFT: Northern District -- Stereo equipment valued at nearly $80 was stolen from a car parked in the 2800 block of St. Paul St. Tuesday or Wednesday.

BURGLARY: Southern District -- A bicycle valued at $150 was stolen from a storage shed in the 1200 block of Washington Blvd. Wednesday.

BURGLARY: Southern District -- Someone entered a house in the 200 block of S. Calhoun St. Wednesday and stole property valued at nearly $300.

STOLEN CAR: Southwestern District -- A 1990 Hyundai with Virginia tags ZYH 7025 was stolen from the 3300 block of Winterbourne Road Tuesday or Wednesday.

STOLEN CAR: Southwestern District -- A 1993 Plymouth with Maryland tags was stolen from the 1400 block of Bloomfield Ave. Wednesday.

BURGLARY/ARREST: Southwestern District -- Police arrested a man who allegedly broke into a garage in the 2500 block of Hollins St. on Wednesday. No property was stolen.

ROBBERY: Southwestern District -- A resident of the 100 block of S. Augusta Ave. was walking near his home Tuesday when a gunman robbed him of property valued at nearly $200.

ASSAULT: Southwestern District -- A resident of the 600 block of Queensgate Road was in the 500 block of Yale Ave. Wednesday when he was chased down the street by several youths who punched and kicked him.

THEFT: Southwestern District -- Police were seeking a man who allegedly stole an outside telephone from its booth in the 4600 block of Frederick Ave.

Baltimore County

STOLEN CAR: Towson District -- A 1992 Volkswagen with Maryland tags AMH 335 and valued at $3,000 was stolen from the 8400 block of Bellona Lane Wednesday.

STOLEN CAR: Towson District -- Someone stole a 1986 Pontiac Fiero with Maryland tags ZWV 029 and valued at $3,000 was stolen from the 1300 block of Deanwood Road Tuesday or Wednesday.

STOLEN CAR: Towson District -- A white 1991 Honda Accord with Maryland tags XSR 024 was stolen Wednesday from the 1700 block of Amuskai Road.


CALL IN TIPS: Readers with information on these or other crimes can call Metro Crime Stoppers' confidential 24-hour hot line, 276-8888. Names are not taken, calls are not recorded and rewards of up to $1,000 may be paid for information.

Police Blotter is a representative, not comprehensive, list of crimes in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, reported by Richard Irwin.

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