A year down the pathway of history at The Baltimore Sun

March 16, 1994

"I actually talked him into wrestling after seeing him in football. The rest is history." -- Sports story, Feb. 24

Moyer got his chance when Arthur Rhodes went on the disabled list with an injured knee. The rest is history. -- Sports story, Feb. 20

"They hit all their shots, Glen Rice came out and had a great first half and the rest was history," said Calbert Cheaney. -- Sports story, Jan. 24

Crum sent back a batch that were paper thin, and the rest is history. -- News story on the history of the potato chip, Nov. 17, 1993

Mr. Eckert brainstormed 100 potential new markets for the remote viewing camera. Two of them -- historical restoration and indoor air quality -- intrigued him. Research showed people in those fields had money to spend. And the rest is history. -- News story, Oct. 21

Byrd was so intrigued, he flew to Brazil. He recorded some legendary bossa nova not only with saxophonist Stan Getz but many great Brazilian musicians. The rest is history. -- Evening Sun Salmagundi, Oct. 15

A year later, he and the competing Starbucks chain began pouring strong coffees on Seattle's waterfront and the rest was history. -- News story, Oct. 10

Arafat grabbed it like he had won the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, and perhaps he had. The rest is history. -- Column, Sept. 15

His name was Benjamin David Goodman and, as they say, the rest is history -- a history compellingly laid out in a new Goodman biography. -- Evening Sun Salmagundi, Sept. 1

DNR bit the bullet and banned fishing to protect that bonus of 1982 fish until they became old enough to spawn. The rest is history. -- Column, Aug. 28

"He arranged for me to audition in Baltimore." The rest is history. -- Sports column, Aug. 1

"He won the first mile he raced at the National Guard indoor track meet and the rest was history," Musselman said. -- Sports story, July 21

"I had done the normal dating routine with boys and it was fine but then a girl in school approached me and I felt more at ease and, well, the rest was history." -- Column, April 5

The Pirates made him the sixth overall pick in the 1985 draft, and the rest is history. -- Sports column, March 16

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