Carroll County may restrict telecommunications towers

March 16, 1994|By From Staff Reports

Residents' concerns that telecommunications towers will be popping up in Carroll County have led the county commissioners to re-examine the ordinance that regulates their placement.

"They want to see if we ought to do anything to bring [the ordinance] up to date with current technology," said J. Michael Evans, director of the county's Department of General Services.

Commissioners Elmer C. Lippy and Julia W. Gouge said yesterday that they want to limit the number of towers in the county and regulate their distance from existing homes.

"We're looking at minimum setback requirements to make them less obtrusive," Mr. Evans said.

"But a radio tower is a radio tower," he said.

Carroll's Zoning Ordinance Oversight committee is scheduled to discuss proposed ordinance changes in about three weeks. The proposal will be sent to the Planning Commission and could be before the county commissioners by June, Mr. Evans said.

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