Balkan Update

March 14, 1994

After 10 days of talks at the United States embassy in VIENNA, Austria, the Muslim-led Bosnian government and Bosnian Croats agreed on a draft constitution for a future federation between their peoples in Bosnia.

The final agreement is due to be signed in Washington at the end of the week. U.S. mediator Charles Redman said the next stage would be to bring the Bosnian Serbs into an overall peace settlement.

A NATO air strike ordered after Bosnian Serbs attacked French peacekeeping troops was averted when the Serbs withdrew near BIHAC in northwest Bosnia.

In SARAJEVO, the main cemetery opened for mourners for the first time in almost two years. Streets teemed with residents marking the end of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

U.N. observers arrived at MAGLAJ, where 19,000 people have been under Serb attack since June. No aid convoy has gotten through since Oct. 25.

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