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March 13, 1994


Editor: I enjoyed the Jan. 30 issue of the magazine. Scott Shane's article about Dr. Halsted was terrific! I wish you could publish more articles like that -- two or three in each issue. And the telemarketing essay ["Confessions of a Telemarketer"] was fun. What I really mean is that the magazine should be bigger as well as better -- but perhaps you have no control over the size. It does seem a shame, however, to put out such a skimpy magazine.

Anyhow, I read the magazine (what there is of it) and enjoy it (so far as it goes).

% Thanks for listening.

Mary W. Griepenkerl

Baltimore Editor: I have been a reader of the Sunpapers since 1937. The story in the Jan. 30 Sun Magazine about Dr. Halsted ["Surgeon's Secret"] was excellent and one of the best pieces I have seen there in memory. Keep it up, please.

Howard Simpson


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