Balkan Update

March 12, 1994

U.N. officials lamented what Bosnian Serbs had done in their northern stronghold of BANJA LUKA. "The security situation of Muslims and Croats in Banja Luka remains the most horrifying of anywhere in Bosnia.... It's a virtual terror zone, like some gigantic Warsaw ghetto," one said.

The United States will send about 200 more troops to the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia in order to free Scandinavian troops for duty in Bosnia, U.S. officials said in WASHINGTON.

Bosnian Croat forces flew 20 new soldiers across front lines into VITEZ on a medical evacuation helicopter in the first violation of a cease-fire between Muslims and Croats in the area, according to U.N. officials.

Eight rockets smashed into Serb-encircled MAGLAJ Thursday evening, not long after the U.N. abandoned an attempt to truck in desperately needed food, Mayor Aida Smajic said by radio. Twelve people were killed and 32 wounded.

Two Serb soldiers were killed by snipers in SARAJEVO, where a cease-fire has largely held since Feb. 9.

A French peacekeeper died near BIHAC, apparently in cross-fire between Serb and government troops. He was the 19th peacekeeper killed in the former Yugoslavia. While the U.N. commander has threatened to call in NATO fighters in response to attacks on U.N. personnel, it was said he "doesn't know the origin of the fire."

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