Around the house* Remove build-up of furniture polish. Mix...


March 12, 1994|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Remove build-up of furniture polish. Mix a solution of 1/2 -cup vinegar and 1/2 -cup water. Dip a soft cloth into mixture; wring until almost dry and rub over furniture. Wipe off surface immediately with a dry, soft cloth.

* Prevent white paint from yellowing. Stir a drop of black paint into can.

* When stacking fine china plates, use paper plates in-between to prevent scratches.

* Roll a package of bacon into a cylinder and secure with a rubber band before refrigerating. This will keep the bacon slices from sticking together.

* Rejuvenate heirloom linens. Pick a sunny day and launder on delicate cycle, using mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. While linens are still damp, spread on top of clean towels that have been placed outside on the ground. The sun will do the bleaching. Iron fabric while still damp. Fold and store with nothing stacked on top. Do not wrap in tissue or store in plastic bags.

* Clean a streaked toilet bowl quickly. Dump in a denture-cleaning tablet.

In the garden

* Stick corn pads on the bottom of flower pots to avoid scratching tables.

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