Giants' Reeves is puzzled by NFL player movement

March 10, 1994|By Newsday

MADISON, N.J. -- The New York Giants entertained their first group of free agents yesterday, but a pressing concern for coach Dan Reeves is retaining the team's unrestricted players.

Having already lost safety Myron Guyton and guard Bob Kratch to the New England Patriots, Reeves is concerned that the defections could leave him several holes to fill in preparation for the 1994 season.

"I'm concerned and all the coaches I've talked to are concerned," Reeves said. "Nobody knows what the ramifications are going to be and how it's going to affect your team. You try to build a team that has good chemistry by the time training camp gets here. But you don't know what free agency is going to do to that chemistry."

With Guyton gone and safety Greg Jackson likely to depart, the Giants looked at three safeties Wednesday: Vencie Glenn (Minnesota Vikings), Keith Taylor (New Orleans Saints) and Jarvis Williams (Miami Dolphins). Also in for a visit was Phoenix Cardinals guard Lance Smith.

"We're just trying to get some players in here to look at and have them take a physical to see that everybody's OK," Reeves said.

"But our No. 1 priority is to sign our own guys. We've already lost two priority guys and we've certainly got to replace them. But we can't do it without regard to the number of players we still have to sign."

That list includes: right tackle Doug Riesenberg, who has visited several teams; guard Eric Moore, guard William Roberts; center Bart Oates; cornerback Mark Collins; running back Lewis Tillman and safety Greg Jackson.

Dealing with the salary cap has frustrated Reeves. "I have a tough time with something I don't understand," he said. "In the past, when I've said, 'We need this guy or this is what I want,' we could usually do it. But now you may not have that kind of salary available."

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