Lions Club sells onions for program fund-raiser

March 10, 1994|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Sun Staff Writer

Forget about candy and citrus fruit sales to raise money. The Freedom District Lions are taking orders for onions.

The sweet, juicy Vidalia onions, touted as Georgia's most famous taste, won't make you cry, either.

"They are tasty, and they won't burn your eyes when you peel them," said Richard W. Goodman, a member of the Freedom District Lions board of directors.

The Lions Club in South Carroll is hoping to turn Vidalia onions into dollars to support its projects and programs, including the Lions Visual Research Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Locally, the club pays for scholarships, glasses and hearing aids for the needy, and the oxygen used on Sykesville Volunteer Fire Department ambulances.

"We have no idea how successful this will be," said Mr. Goodman. "We needed a new fund-raiser. A lot of people know about Vidalias and like them."

A Lions Club in Baltimore County had success with onion sales last year, he said.

The sales campaign in Carroll County began yesterday and will run through April 16, with delivery set for early May. Georgia farmers harvest the crop at the end of April.

"That's it," said Mr. Goodman. "After that, they are gone."

Customers can order a 10-pound bag of jumbo onions for $10.

"That might seem high, but you have to remember these are 3-inch onions and the cream of the crop," said Mr. Goodman.

The Lions hope to sell about 800 bags and make a profit of about $2,400, he said. He calls the goal "doable" for an organization that sold nearly 1,400 boxes of fruit in December.

"If we do half the fruit sales in onions, we will be doing good," he said.

Can't use 10 pounds of onions? The Lions offer recipes and storage tips.

& Information: 549-LION.

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