Atomic Books to celebrate first year with a Kiss-off

March 10, 1994|By Lisa Wiseman | Lisa Wiseman,Contributing Writer

To honor a year's worth of devotion to mayhem, anarchy, cool comics and alternative press, Atomic Books on Read Street is celebrating its first anniversary tonight in a way appropriate to a place dedicated to "literary finds for mutated minds." They've hired 11 local bands to perform at a local nightclub, playing nothing but old Kiss and Devo songs.

"It should be a fun party," said Scott Huffines, twentysomething owner, manager and sole employee of the funky book store. "There's been so much hype. People are really freaking out over this. It's going to be really cheesy."

The idea to cover Kiss and Devo -- for the uninitiated, these are theatrically-obsessed rock groups popular in the 1970s and early 1980s -- was Mr. Huffines'.

One of his friends and customers, Paul Hutzler, who used to book shows at The Rev nightclub, encouraged Mr. Huffines to throw a big party for Atomic's one-year anniversary. (Never mind that the date was actually in December; that's a minor detail.)

"He kept begging me to do the party," Mr. Huffines says.

"I finally agreed. But I told him I would only do the party if I could do whatever I want. My two favorite bands are Kiss and Devo, so that's what I wanted. After that, Paul wasn't so sure about the party."

Word of the Kiss and Devo party spread through the musical underground. Faster than you could say "Whip It!" local bands were calling Atomic Books, asking to be included in the show.

"We love Kiss! We really wanted to do this," says Shirle, pronounced Shirl-lay, bass player with the band WOD (also known as Women Of Destruction). "Kiss reminds me of my childhood and 1976. . . . They're totally goofy."

WOD plans to perform "Detroit Rock City" and "Love It Loud" by Kiss, along with "I Need a Chick" by Devo.

In keeping with the party's theme, Mr. Huffines says, he's printed up phony backstage passes and will be handing out "concert" programs.

Partygoers can also try to win Kiss and Devo T-shirts.

The event will be held at The Hour House at 135 W. North Ave. The show starts at 9:30 p.m., and admission is $5. Other bands performing will be Helikopter, Soul Pit, Krudz, Thick Shake, B. Edward Rice, Frosted Mini Flakes, Maypole, Edith, Head Cleaner and Scapegoat. Master of ceremonies for the night will be Bill "Ding Dong Daddy" Marshall. DJ Bump from Glitch records, who has promised to dress up in full Devo style, will also be on hand. For more information or directions, call (410) 728-5490.

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