Hampstead officials consider transferable development rights

March 09, 1994|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Sun Staff Writer

A partnership between the towns and county government is necessary before transferable development rights are possible, Hampstead officials told the Carroll County Planning Commission during their council meeting last night.

Commission members and county planners said they attended the bimonthly meeting to discuss the transferable development rights (TDR) concept and see if council members were receptive.

"The two entities need to work together so we are both going in the same direction," said Councilman Arthur Moler.

Hampstead officials said they would want to annex any TDR area planned next to the town but were concerned about providing water and sewer, resources that are tight.

Officials also said they were concerned about road and school construction.

"The town has held to its guns that we will not do anything outside the town unless we can annex it," said councilman Gary Bauer. "We are not providing services for free."

Commission members said they were aware of those concerns.

Transferable development rights, first considered as part of the county's southwest master plan, are a method to preserve agricultural land by selling development rights.

The rights are purchased by developers instead of being purchased by the government or private land trusts. The developers then use the rights to build more houses than traditionally allowed by the zoning in an area designated by the planning commission.

Commission members told Hampstead officials last night that they are considering spreading the TDR receiving areas around the county rather than creating one larger, traditional village.

Carroll County's master plan currently directs most growth toward the eight towns and the Freedom District, but planners have suggested developing a village in southwest Carroll instead of allowing farms in that area to be subdivided.

Southwest area residents have expressed concern about a large village being developed in such a rural area, so planners are exploring the transfer of development right to various areas of the county.

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