Balkan Update

March 09, 1994

U.S. special envoy Charles Redman opened talks with Serbian leaders in BELGRADEto try and draw them into an overall settlement embracing all three sides in the Bosnian war, but he received a cool response both from Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic and from Bosnia Serbs.

A NATO plane helping monitor a U.N. no-fly zone over Bosnia was hit by an anti-aircraft missile over the adjacent Serb-controlled part of Croatia. The plane made an emergency landing. A NATO spokesman in Brussels said three of four passengers were "slightly injured" but the crew was unhurt.

SARAJEVANS wept and applauded as trolleys rolled for the first time since May 2, 1992. To protect them from possible sniper fire, two U.N. armored personnel carriers escorted the trams as they made a brief test run from the trolley barn into the city center and back again.

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