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Sand Works BetterI'm in the seventh...

March 06, 1994

Pass on the Salt; Sand Works Better

I'm in the seventh grade at North Harford Middle School. I'm writing to you concerning the problem about salting the roads.

In my area, we've already run out of money and can't purchase any more salt. My road has been resalted 10 times. To me, using salt on the roads doesn't seem to be doing a thing. Every day I look out my window and the cars and trucks must be going 5 mph, tops.

The salt also washes into our ground water, poisoning it. The only good thing about running out of money for salt is that schools are forced to close but then again, we'll have to make it up in the summer and that stinks. Dr. Ray Keech is so scared that someone is going to sue the school that . . . we've missed a lot of school since the beginning of the year.

Just last night, someone slipped, came up on my front lawn, rolled over and plowed into a telephone pole. The driver was carried away in an ambulance.

My family uses sand on our driveway. It works, doesn't cost much and it's convenient. By using sand, roads would be safer and we students wouldn't have to go to school past June.

Shawn Harris

Forest Hill

Abolish Paint

During a radio newscast, I heard a report about a town in Massachusetts that is very angry and up-in-arms because of an epidemic of graffiti being put on walls of both private and public buildings.

The sentiments being sprayed on are of violent attacks on ethnic and racial minorities -- typically "Nazi-like" in character.

The politicians and civic leaders are very upset and have vowed to do something about it.

I have a suggestion or two:

* Outlaw all paint spray cans.

* Install a five-day waiting period before purchase.

* Limit purchases to one can per month.

* Consider fingerprinting and photographing all purchases.

These are all popular remedial steps to prevent criminal activity.

C. Lange

White Hall

Clinton's Goals

I am writing in response to the State of the Union address recently given by President Clinton. The "Goals 2000" theme was excellent.

Because of all of the violence going on every day in this country, we, the people, are being destroyed emotionally as well as physically. In order to reduce violence, 100,000 police officers will be added. I hope this will decrease our country's violence. . . .

Another "Goal 2000" involved education. More school supplies are being obtained to better the education of students, and help teachers with their work. . . . Without setting goals for life, one cannot progress; neither can a nation.

Rachel Simon


Family Leave

I am writing in response to President Clinton's State of the Union address. My concern is with the Family Leave Law.

The Family Leave Law makes it very difficult for business owners to make money. Good employers do provide family leave when needed without a law. When it is required, some employees find ways to abuse this privilege, although the concept is not bad.

When on family leave, one gets free medical insurance provided by the company so an employee could possibly go to Florida because his father is sick and get three months' free medical insurance. The company must hold his position and not replace the employee. The employee could then decide to quit his job. The employer therefore has the cost of medical insurance, operating short-handed, overtime, additional training or transferring other employees to do the job. . . .

In today's business environment where employers have to deal with the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Comprehensive Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, discrimination laws and lawyers advertising on television, the Family Leave Law is a final nail in the coffin.

The long-term effect will be reduced employment and less opportunity for people seeking to better themselves.

Leslie Worthington


Hit And Run

On Jan. 24, a Monday, I was struck by a hit and run driver. The accident took place on Bond Street at West Lee Street in Bel Air. As a pedestrian, I was walking across West Lee Street at Bond heading to the auto parts store on the north side of West Lee.

The young lady driving the car was alone. I hesitated before crossing the street because she continued to look up Bond at the oncoming traffic. Since there was a long string of traffic coming down the street, I felt she wouldn't move and began to cross in front of her car. As I reached the left front of her car, she took off. From the time she struck me until the time I was standing on the sidewalk, I have no memory of what took place. She offered no assistance. She didn't even ask if I was OK.

There was a car behind her with the driver having a clear view of what took place.

I ask that driver or any other witness to please call me. I would appreciate hearing from anyone, especially the driver who was directly behind the young lady who struck me. My phone number in the Harford County telephone directory.

ndrew T. Mihok

Forest Hill

Fighting Pollution

My concern is the environment. If we do not do something now, there may not be another tomorrow.

I worry about what tomorrow will bring: acid rain, another gray day full of smog, drinking more contaminated water. Pollution is a very serious problem. . . . We need to do something before time runs out. Solid waste could be reduced if people take the initiative to recycle more than one thing like paper, aluminum, glass and other materials. Recycling plays a big role in helping us fight pollution. Each individual needs to make it his or her responsibility in undoing what has been done.

Allison Kiniry


Life Without NFL

I am an athlete and I like to watch football on television. I'd like to have a football team for Baltimore but I think all that this city is going through to get one is unnecessary. Ever since the Colts left, we've gotten along just fine.

The Redskins are close so we can root for them. If we get one, we should do it quickly because the citizens of Baltimore are waiting.

Amy Ayers


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