Bogus calls made seeking donations

March 06, 1994

People misrepresenting themselves as Carroll drug officers are phoning county residents and asking them to donate money for children, the state's attorney's office has warned.

"It could be a prank, it could be serious, but we want the public to know that the Carroll County Narcotics Task Force is not asking people for money," said Assistant State's Attorney Barton F. Walker III, the task force coordinator.

Mr. Walker said several bogus calls were made in the Hampstead area. In the calls, someone says he is from the task force and is collecting money to benefit local children.

Residents who receive such calls should hang up, punch * 57 on their push-button phones and call the Maryland State Police Westminster barracks at 876-2101 or 848-3111.

Punching *57, which costs $1, enables the phone company to trace the incoming call.

"We want to make sure that no one falls victim to these calls," Mr. Walker said.

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