Carroll County Needs A Women's CommissionOn Jan. 22, I...


March 06, 1994

Carroll County Needs A Women's Commission

On Jan. 22, I attended the open public meeting at the County Office Building. I had to see for myself what would be presented on the women's commission issue.

I felt privileged to personally thank Sen. Larry Haines and Dels. Richard Matthews, Richard Dixon and Lawrence LaMotte for answering my letters to them following the shocking outcome of my divorce here in Carroll County. These men do care. I believe they are truly aware of the issues of concern facing women; but it takes much more than a firm handshake and encouraging words to bring about constructive change. . . . Following my nightmarish divorce, came the grave consequences and the unfair aftermath my daughter and I now live with. Everywhere I went to for help left me with nothing but red tape and a referral to somewhere else, until Del. Ellen Sauerbrey led me to the Frederick County Commission for Women. I was asked to speak about my case and the inequities at an April 1993 meeting, because there was no such organization here in my own county. . . .

A commission for women could only enhance the lives of women in this county who find themselves in situations of need. . . .

I found it interesting as I sat in the meeting listening to those who spoke both for and against the commission that they were basically expressing the same concerns and desires. The only ++ thing that separated their views were their emotions and worries over the tax dollar.

The men and women working for the commission should be commended for their courage and determination. . . .

Kathleen M. Murphy


Women's Fair

The second annual Carroll County Women's Fair will be held on Sunday, March 13 at Carroll Community College. A committee of 30 or more women have worked for an entire year to put together this informational day for the women of Carroll County. There will be 48 workshops on a wide variety of topics of interest to women of all ages and backgrounds. Forty or more businesses, organizations and agencies who cater to the needs of women and their families will have exhibits to provide attendees with information about services they offer. Susan White-Bowden will be honored as the keynote speaker. She will talk about the importance of self-esteem in achieving success for women.

Many of the workshop topics could also be of interest to men, and they are welcome to attend. . . . Women's fair brochures are available at all branches of the Carroll County Public Library. For more information, call 875-2267 or 848-2528.

Cherie W. Jenkins


Dell and High Ridge

We read with some interest your editorial of Feb. 28, concerning commissioners Elmer Lippy, Julia Gouge and Donald Dell. It was more than two years ago that Elmer Lippy first described the High Ridge condemnation case as "repugnant." Mr. Lippy has consistently supported the broad interests of the citizens of High Ridge, and other Carroll countians for that matter, versus the special interest groups which Mr. Dell and Ms. Gouge have just as consistently supported. To suggest that this is merely a campaign tactic is clearly doing a disservice to Mr. Lippy.

On the other hand, it is clear from Mr. Dell's letter to the editor of Feb. 27 that the 1994 campaign has begun. Mr. Dell now seeks to join Mr. Lippy in calling the case "repugnant," despite the fact that Mr. Dell orchestrated the proceeding. Mr. Dell would like the citizens of Carroll County to not understand the simple facts of this case: One landowner refused to sell land to another landowner. . . .

Mr. Dell has said that his motivation was to comply with the "master plan" of Carroll County and to save the county money because the existing access off Bird View is relatively long. This isn't true. The most recent plans for the property show development from both access points. . . . Donald Dell says he is interested in saving future landowners money by reducing lot costs. But any real estate agent will tell you the market defines the selling price of a lot, not the underlying costs, which will be absorbed by the developer, Aaron Green.

Which brings me to my final point. Mr. Dell says his decision would have been the same for John Doe as for Mr. Green, whom he had never met. In his sworn deposition for the High Ridge condemnation case, Mr. Dell testified that he had known the Aaron Green family for years, had lived in the area and had met his wife. Mr. Dell further testified that he had visited with the Greens and that he had met with Aaron Green and his attorney and couldn't remember if anyone else was there. If only our names could be John Doe. . . .

Dave and Cindy Bond


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