25 Years Ago* A massive manhunt was launched Friday night...


March 06, 1994|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 Years Ago

* A massive manhunt was launched Friday night for one of three robbery suspects who fled into a wooded field after the trio opened fire at a state trooper, wounding him in the arm. Two of the suspects, described as white men in their early 20s, were captured moments after Trooper First Class Robert W. Ellis was shot in the left arm. Cpl. Donald E. Shower arrived in time to see one of the gunmen -- across the grassy strip of [Route] 140. The corporal drove onto the strip, jumped out of his car and found himself staring into the barrel of a pistol. "He pointed his gun right at me," Corporal Shower recounted. "I grabbed him and threw him to the ground." The trooper explained that he was lucky the gunman had shot up all the cartridges in his pistol. -- Democratic Advocate.

50 Years Ago

* A telegram from the War Department Friday evening notified Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Roop, New Windsor, that their son, Sgt. John Preston Roop, has been killed in action in the South Pacific. Sergeant Roop attended Union Bridge High School and enlisted in the Marines May 13, 1941. His parents had word he saw action in several battles of the Southern Pacific war zone, following his first engagement in Guadalcanal. -- Democratic Advocate.

75 Years Ago

* Mrs. Margaret Englar Nulton, who had been teaching school during the illness of the regular teacher, Miss Emma L. Reaver, resigned on Friday on account of being unable to control the school. Some of the "dear little snookies" seem to be getting quite a reputation for being unmanageable. Private Fern

Hitchcock has taken the contract this week with better success. -- Union Bridge Pilot.

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