25 Years Ago* A Chicago public administration consulting...


March 06, 1994|By Robert M. Pennington

25 Years Ago

* A Chicago public administration consulting firm studying salaries of Anne Arundel County employees found that 32 percent were underpaid and 18 percent were overpaid. The county payroll is now about $10 million a year. -- The Sun, March 19, 1969.

* A bill designed to provide a new pension system for Anne Arundel County employees has been introduced to the County Council. The 854 employees eligible would receive broader benefits for the same cost. Their pension payments now range between 5.5 percent and 8.9 percent depending on age and sex. -- The Sun, March 19, 1969.

* A pilot course in sex education for sixth-grade children in Anne Arundel County has come under fire from the American Council of Christian Churches of Maryland. -- The Sun, March 26, 1969.

Compiled by Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

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